St. Louis

Cardenio: Shakespeare's Lost Play

by William Shakespeare and adapted by Gregory Doran

Directed by Donna Northcott

Oct 6th - 15th, 2017

By William Shakespeare Reimagined by Gregory Doran, the Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company

A regional premiere!


St. Louis Shakespeare has remained vibrant for 33 years by blending traditional and novel interpretations of well-known works by The Bard with newer ones added to his canon, along with well-crafted plays by other writers through the centuries. Cardenio, in a rare performance by an American troupe, joins that impressive roster. Mark Bretz, Ladue News
Cardenio, not knowing of her refusal and feeling betrayed by his friend and his beloved, goes to live as a madman among the shepherds, where Dorotea now lives too, disguised as a boy, How ever will all this work out? Director Donna Northcott, who founded St. Louis Shakespeare, gets us there with swift action that mixes plenty of comedy(at one point members of the ensemble play sheep, staring vacantly as they nuzzle wooden posts or chew cud) with heartbreaking tragedy. Judy Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Donna Northcott

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