St. Louis

AFI's Top 100 Greatest Films in 100 Minutes

by Shualee Cook, Roger Erb, Chris Jones, Ben Ritchie and Suki Peters

Directed by Suki Peters

Jul 7th - 15th, 2017

(nominated for Best Ensemble in a Comedy – 2017 Theatre Circle Awards)

That’s right! The Magic Smoking Monkey players are attempting their boldest feat yet: to parody all 100 movies on the American Film Institute’s list in 60 minutes! Just to break that down for ya, here’s the running time of past source material we’ve condensed into 60-80 minutes for previous monkey shows…
Star Wars Trilogy = 376 minutes
LOTR Trilogy = 558 minutes
Harry Potter Series = 1, 179 minutes

But with this new production, we will take on ALL 12,708 minutes of the greatest cinema of all time and boil it down to less than 100 minutes! From Blade Runner to Sunset Boulevard! From Modern Times to King Kong! From Citizen Kane to... The Sixth Sense? Well, no list is infallible.


Suki Peters, artistic director for the Monkey’s parent company St. Louis Shakespeare, conceived and somehow directed this fast-paced comic juggernaut. Ben Ritchie combined his encyclopedic knowledge of all things silver screen with astute contributions by Shualee Cook, Roger Erb and Chris Jones, which made this effort frequently hilarious while also pointing out shortcomings of the AFI’s roster. Mark Bretz, Ladue News
In typical Magic Smoking Monkey fashion, the company’s latest production, AFI’s Top 100 Greatest American Films of All Time–A Parody is fast-moving and wildly inventive. It’s also extremely funny. Michelle Kenyon, Snoops Theatre Thoughts
In a 90-minute show that flies by at breakneck speed, the quip filled parody touches every movie on the institute's "greatest films list," finding surprisingly fresh and increasingly ridiculous humor in scripts and scenes that have become part of our common vernacular. Fittingly, there are also a few straight, almost dramatic moments. Due to subject matter and history, not every film on the list lends itself to parody and the company wisely acknowledges these moments with understated simplicity. But the majority of the show is filled with over-the-top laughs and gleeful excess. Tina Farmer, KDHX


Suki Peters

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