presenting exciting classical theatre since 1984 St. Louis Shakespeare Timon of Athens July 19-21, 25-27, 2013 Directed by Milt Zoth Hunter Theatre at DeSmet High School
When the good-hearted Timon, who rains gold and gifts upon his friends, falls on hard times, he receives a bitter life’s lesson. One by one his friends desert him. Stripped of his wealth, power and status, Timon finds himself removed from society, peering back at the life that was once his. Unreachable by any but his faithful servant Flavius and the similarly outcast Alcibiades, Timon flees Athens for the wilderness beyond the city’s gates where an uncertain future awaits him.
Director: Milt Zoth Assistant Director: Phil Gill Artistic Director: Donna Northcott Stage Manager: Daniel Hayward Box Office Manager: Kathy Doerr Set Designer: Pippin McGowan Technical Director: Daniel Moessner Props Manager: Michelle Wolken Costume Designer: Michele Siler
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Timon: Michael Brightman Flavia: Nicole Angeli Alcibiades: Cameron Ulrich Lady Luculla: Patty Ulrich Flaminia & 1st Whore: Betsy Bowman Servillia & 2nd Whore: Alyssa Ward Lord Lucius: Chris La Banca Apemanta: Maggie Murphy Senator: Kimberly Sansone Sempronius: Carl Overly