presenting exciting classical theatre since 1984 St. Louis Shakespeare The Two Noble Kinsmen August 16-18, 22-25, 2013 Directed by Robin Weatherall Washington University South Campus Theatre (formerly CBC High School)
During a war waged by Theseus  of Athens against Thebes, two Theban cousins, Palamon and Arcite are captured and imprisoned. Their lifelong friendship is disrupted when first Palamon, then Arcite, sees and instantly falls in love with Emilia, sister to Theseus' wife Hippolyta. Meanwhile their jailer's daughter has fallen in love with Palamon. When Arcite is freed and exiled, she helps Palamon escape. Lost, knowing the hopelessness of her love and fearing the consequences of her actions, she goes mad. Palamon and Arcite’s conflict over Emilia is resolved by Theseus' decree that the two will fight a public duel; the winner will receive the hand of Emilia; the loser will be executed.
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Theseus/Epilogue: Reginald Pierre Palamon: Ben Ritchie Arcite: Ian Geary Pirithous: Paul Edwards Gaoler/Babion: Phillip Bozich Doctor/Schoolmaster/ Hymen/Executioner: Charles Heuvelman Wooer/Palamon/Knight 1/ Countryman 1/Valerious: Michael Pierce Gaoler's Friend 2/Palamon Knight 2/ Countryman 2/Soldier: Jon Elkins Gaoler's Brother/Palamon Knight 3/ Countryman 3/Soldier: Andrew Weber Herald/Messenger/Taborer: Jeff Stewart Hippolyta: Emily Baker Emilia: Ronnie Rossi Queen 1/Gaoler's Friend 1/ Wench 1/Arcite Knight: Taylor Steward Queen 2/Gentlewoman/ Wench 2/Arcite Knight: Milly Naeger Queen 3/Nell/Servant/ Wench 3/Arcite Knight: Angela Bubash Emilia's Woman/Nymph/Attendent: Paige Hackworth